Transitional Year

Transitional Year

Offering a well-balanced, broad-based medical education that allows each resident to satisfy his or her specific needs and interests.


To provide a broad-based clinical year as a foundation to enhance the patient care skills of recent graduates of this and other regional medical schools and enter a chosen categorical specialty training program or help facilitate a medical specialty career choice.

Program Curriculum

Transitional Year is divided into 13 four-week rotations. This provides flexibility to customize your education program to fit your needs. Rotations will be completed at Avera and Sanford as well as a variety of private practices.

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Training Sites

Our program is an integrated program with rotations at Sanford USD Medical Center and Avera Health as well as a variety of private practices in the Sioux Falls, SD area.

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Life in Sioux Falls

Get to know the city of Sioux Falls, SD. Sioux Falls is the largest city in South Dakota. It has everything you want out of a big city but with a low cost of living and low crime rates. We hope you'll call it home as you continue your medical education (and who knows, maybe even longer!)

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Why Choose this Program

  • The elective time allowed by the Transitional Year program at the University of South Dakota helped to provide a robust skill set and fund of knowledge for my advanced training program. As a result, I felt well equipped to meet the expectations of my advanced program from day one.

    Adam Bleeker, MD Transitional Year Resident, Class of 2022
  • USD's TY program was 100% the right choice for me. The program offers a great balance of medicine and elective rotations. I can't imagine I would be happier or have a better experience at any other program.

    Chandler Jansen, MD
    Chandler Jansen, MD Transitional Year Resident, Class of 2021 Meet Resident
  • The USD Transitional Year program is an excellent program in which to train. The faculty are all very supportive of their residents, the workload is manageable and enjoyable, and the medical training is superior.

    Eric Roach, MD
    Eric Roach, MD Transitional Year Resident, Class of 2021 Meet Resident
  • USD felt like the right choice from day one. I can’t imagine a better place to complete my TY year!

    Alexandra Streifel, MD
    Alexandra Streifel, MD Transitional Year Resident, Class of 2021 Meet Resident

Virtual Visits

Our residents have guided our efforts to present our philosophy of education to you. We have always been told that the in-person visit “seals the deal” and we are hopeful that the “virtual visit” will accomplish the same goal this year.

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What's next?

We invite you to continue learning more about our Transitional Year Residency Program!

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