The Sanford Children's Hospital at the University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine's Pediatrics Residency Program will provide a strong educational foundation to create a competent general pediatrician who can most likely help the underserved and improve the health of the infant, child, adolescent and young adult and the overall health of their communities. To help our residents become successful in their career, residents will receive a thorough medical education, have opportunities to pursue scholarship or research and to experience advocacy for the community as well as have the opportunity, and can practice in an underserved area.


Training empathetic pediatricians committed to providing quality care and advocating for the well-being of children in their communities.


  • The University Of South Dakota School Of Medicine will be a leader in educating students who with knowledge, skill, and compassion dedicate their lives to the well-being of their patients, their community, and their profession.

Program Curriculum

The Pediatric Residency Program curriculum was developed to prepare graduates to practice Pediatrics in a variety of settings: consultation; in-patient, including ICU; and out-patient. The program places education first and clinical service second, resulting in a manageable caseload and call schedule. Because of the rural nature of South Dakota, a strong emphasis is placed on residents obtaining the intellectual and procedural skills necessary for preventive and primary pediatric care and for advocating and caring for all children with behavioral, developmental and or complex multi-system disease, in the inpatient, outpatient, community and rural settings.

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Training Sites

Residents are trained at Sanford Children’s Hospital, a free-standing state-of-the-art facility designed to inspire imagination and play as part of the healing process for sick and injured children. Residents also have a dedicated pediatric clinic located off-campus at 69th Street and Louise Avenue.

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Life in Sioux Falls

Get to know the city of Sioux Falls, SD. Sioux Falls is the largest city in South Dakota. It has everything you want out of a big city but with a low cost of living and low crime rates. We hope you'll call it home as you continue your medical education (and who knows, maybe even longer!)

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Why Choose this Program

  • This program has prepared be to be a well-rounded, caring pediatrician.
    My favorite thing about the program is the comradery between the residents and attendings.

    Skyler Kinsey, DO Pediatrics Resident, Class of 2024 Meet Resident
  • I chose Sanford Pediatric Residency Program for its commitment to excellence, comprehensive training, dedicated faculty, emphasis on multidisciplinary care, and research opportunities. The supportive and collaborative culture at Sanford gives me the opportunity to be part of a community that shares my passion for pediatrics and values lifelong learning and growth.

    Pradeeksha Mukuntharaj, MD Pediatrics Resident, Class of 2025 Meet Resident
  • The USD Pediatrics program presents an exceptional environment for residents to grow as physicians, leaders, and teachers. I find inspiration amongst my faculty colleagues in their dedication to patient care, research and QI initiatives, and commitment to teaching. I also enjoy the excitement enthusiastic residents bring to the NICU!

    Jessica White, MD Residency Program Director, Neonatologist Meet Faculty Member
  • There is never a dull moment in the Castle of Care. Work doesn't feel like work when you are surrounded by positive people who have one goal – "Making the tiny humans feel better." I feel lucky to be here, Sioux Falls is a lovely and quaint city to live in.

    Ashlesha Bagwe
    Ashlesha Bagwe, MBBS Pediatrics Resident, Class of 2023 Meet Resident
  • Who wouldn’t want to work in a castle!

    Jade Arrobas
    Jade Arrobas, DO Pediatrics Resident, Class of 2022 Meet Resident
  • It’s a diamond in the rough. It’s a small program in South Dakota but has so much to offer.

    Taryn Raschein
    Taryn Raschein, MD Pediatrics Resident, Class of 2021 Meet Resident
  • The small size of the program allows for many opportunities for hands on learning. It also allows for some flexibility to personalize their education.

    Kayelyn Wagner
    KayeLyn Wagner, MD, MME Associate Program Director Meet Faculty Member
  • We work in an iconic castle, taking care of sick children in their time of need, helping them navigate their future while preparing ourselves for the road ahead.

    Kyle Baum
    Kyle Baum, DO Pediatrics Resident, Class of 2023 Meet Resident
  • From my perspective as an attending who did a residency at another location, I think this program is unique in how it fosters excellent teaching relationships between learners and staff and a fair balance between work-based and traditional learning.

    D. Isum Ward Clinical Geneticist Meet Faculty Member
  • A personalized approach to training assures every resident optimizes their opportunities towards their goals. Wonderful mentors, faculty and excellent training environment.

    Michelle Baack, MD, FAAP Department Chair Meet Faculty Member
  • I have really enjoyed my time in the USD pediatrics residency program. I have grown as both a physician and person, and feel well equipped to begin my career as a pediatrician.

    Aimee Koenig
    Aimee Koenig, MD | Chief Resident Pediatrics Resident, Class of 2020

Virtual Visits

Our residents have guided our efforts to present our philosophy of education to you. We have always been told that the in-person visit “seals the deal” and we are hopeful that the “virtual visit” will accomplish the same goal.

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