The Gastroenterology Fellowship Program is a three-year training program designed to provide postgraduate physicians with advanced clinical and research experience in gastroenterology. This fellowship program is tailored to individuals who have completed their residency in internal medicine and are seeking to specialize further in gastroenterology. Through a comprehensive curriculum, hands-on clinical rotations, and mentorship, fellows will acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to excel as gastroenterologists.


Our mission is to train emerging Gastroenterologists to provide excellent and timely care to the people of South Dakota, and the adjacent rural regions served by our affiliated institutions.


  • Provide a solid foundation in Gastroenterology in a supportive environment, while offering elective rotations which will support adult learners in tailoring their training to their specific career goals.
  • To create a pipeline of Gastroenterologists to serve the people of South Dakota and the adjacent rural regions served by our affiliated institutions.
  • To provide an environment that supports high quality of life for our Fellows and their families in the the community.
  • To support leadership and research within inter-disciplinary and inter-professional teams. 5) To advance collaboration in inter-disciplinary and inter-professional teams throughout our rural state, region, and affiliated institutions.

Program Curriculum

The Gastroenterology Fellowship Program is a comprehensive three-year training initiative designed to equip postgraduate physicians with the clinical skills, procedural expertise, and research proficiency needed to become proficient gastroenterologists. Through a structured curriculum encompassing inpatient and outpatient rotations, procedural training, didactic sessions, and scholarly activities, fellows will gain experience in managing a wide range of gastrointestinal disorders, performing diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures, engaging in clinical research, and collaborating with interdisciplinary teams to deliver high-quality patient care. The program aims to prepare fellows for independent practice, academic careers, or leadership roles in the field of gastroenterology.

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Training Sites

Fellows primarily train at Sanford USD Medical Center's Center for Digestive Health. Fellows also have the opportunity to train at the University of Nebraska Medical Center during their liver transplant rotation.

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Get to know the city of Sioux Falls, SD. Sioux Falls is the largest city in South Dakota. It has everything you want out of a big city but with a low cost of living and low crime rates. We hope you'll call it home as you continue your medical education (and who knows, maybe even longer!)

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