Taryn Raschein, MD

  • Class of 2021
  • Post-Residency

    Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship Children’s Minnesota Hospital, Minneapolis, MN
  • Medical School

    University of Minnesota Minneapolis, MN
  • Undergraduate School

    University of Portland Portland, OR
  • Hometown

    Albany, OR
  • If I wasn't a doctor, I'd be...

    a police officer.

  • My interests/hobbies outside of medicine are...

    Animals, gardening, rodeos, and family.

  • On the weekends...

    my family and friends love to visit. Or I’m working in my yard and spending times with my pets.

  • My favorite thing to do in Sioux Falls is...

    finding new great places to eat.

  • The thing that surprised me the most about Sioux Falls is...

    how easy it is to travel to other places (flying).

  • My favorite place in Sioux Falls to get a meal or grab a drink is...

    Morrie’s Steakhouse

  • I chose this program...

    because it’s a small program, really liked the program director and of course loved the castle.

  • What do you get/benefit from by choosing this program over another, similar program?

    More one on one time with the attending physicians, ability to do more procedures and with a smaller program they can tailor the program to what my goals are.

  • What surprised you about this program?

    How invested everybody is in your education.

  • What's the best perk of this program?

    Ability to tailor it to what you are interested in.

  • What's one thing you want a prospective resident to know about this program?

    Our residency program is a family! They support you with whatever you need. With being the largest children’s hospital combined with the different specialties you see the zebras and get the acuity.