Cardiovascular Disease

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Virtual Visits for the Current Recruitment Year

We’ve had great success with the virtual interview process and continue to match with fantastic new fellows.  Therefore, we are planning to rinse and repeat our virtual interviews this year.

Hear from our Program Director

Adam Stys, our Program Director, has a few words to share about the program.

Tour our facilities and meet some of your co-fellows!

Join us as we walk you through some of the facilities you’ll be spending your time at as a Cardiovascular Disease Fellow.

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Program Overview

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“As an interventional-bound 3rd year cardiology fellow, I recently started interviewing for staff positions. The response I have received is overwhelmingly encouraging. Not because I am unique or gifted - there are far better candidates than myself! What sets me apart is the all-encompassing training we receive at USD Sanford Cardiology fellowship.
As I find myself comparing our institution to others, it is clear that our program's academic rigor and practical efficiency equip its trainees for success in any type of practice.
It is my privilege to be here and I hope to make the most of it!”

Muhammad Hamza Saad Shaukat - PGY6

“I have had the pleasure of providing device education and hands-on training to the Sanford fellows for the past several years. I cover a large portion of the Midwest, and can sincerely say this group is always one of my favorites to work with. One thing that sets the Sanford fellows apart is the genuine curiosity – and level of engagement – they exhibit during training. I believe this is due to the environment created by the program director that encourages collaboration with industry, and their ongoing commitment to providing patients with the best, most up-to-date therapies available.”
“Another reason I love working with the Sanford is because they consistently recruit fellows who are approachable and just plain good people; these qualities matter, and are what differentiate good physicians from great physicians. This is a testament to the culture Dr. Adam and Dr. Tom have created, which is rooted in continuous education and respect for both their team members, and the patients they serve. “

Industry Rep