Transitional Year
Laura Rezac, MD

Laura Rezac, MD

  • Class of 2021
Laura Rezac, MD
  • Post-Residency

    Dermatology Residency University Hopsital Jackson, MS
  • Advanced Program

    Dermatology at University Hopsital Jackson, MS
  • Medical School

    University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine Vermillion, SD
  • Undergraduate School

    University of South Dakota Vermillion, SD
  • Hometown

    Sioux Falls, SD
  • If I wasn't a doctor, I'd be...

    an engineer.

  • My interests/hobbies outside of medicine are...

    yoga, outdoor adventures, patios, and guacamole toast.

  • My favorite thing to do in Sioux Falls is to...

    go coffee shop and bakery exploring.

  • My favorite place in Sioux Falls to get a meal or grab a drink is...

    Bread and Circus – they have a great patio too!

  • On the weekends I'm usually...

    at the lake and enjoying brunch somewhere!

  • It's 9:00pm on a Friday night – I am...

    hanging out with friends at Fernson Brewery.

  • It's 10:00am on a Saturday morning – I am...

    going to a yoga studio with a friend and grabbing breakfast after!

  • I chose this program...

    for the Immersive opportunities, friendly people, and work-life balance.

  • What do you get/benefit from by choosing this program over another, similar program?

    More flexibility to choose rotations that interest you.

  • What's the best perk of this program?

    More elective time to mold your own personal learning experience.

  • What's one thing you want a prospective resident to know about this program?

    How out-of-the-way the attendings will go to make sure you have a good experience.