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Join our healthcare community.

As a resident in the Neurology program, you are able to take an active role in the healthcare system, especially by presenting at the numerous multidisciplinary tumor board conferences held every week. This allows you to be a part of the patient’s care and also facilitates great interaction with other specialties and physicians within the healthcare system.

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Enjoy life in Sioux Falls.

Our program provides a nice work-life balance for you. Typical hours of work are from 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM. You are then able to accomplish your reading and studying from home during the evenings. Call is also taken from home, which allows you to take a break from the hospital setting. The Sioux Falls community provides opportunities to participate in events Downtown including sidewalk festivals, Farmer’s markets, and other food/shopping events.

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Build camaraderie with your co-residents.

The Neurology residency program facilitates a very collegial environment where you'll work closely with one another and function more as a team. The program provides a very nice, large office space for you to enjoy your own personal desk and microscope. As a resident, you'll enjoy participating in the occasional GME events throughout the year and also plan occasional pathology resident gatherings including group dinners/events.

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Learn from diverse, experienced faculty.

The attendings devote a lot of time to teaching you. This occurs one-on-one at their scope, during the daily unknown slide conference, and by providing didactic lectures. They are actively involved and invested in your education and training and serve as mentors. Their open-door policy creates a great training environment.

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