Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Life in Sioux Falls

Are you ready to join us in Sioux Falls? Sioux Falls is the best of both worlds: big enough to have all the amenities you'd want and small enough to feel like a safe, close-knit community. With a continually growing population and a superb average cost of living index of 88.3 out of 100, Sioux Falls is the place to continue your medical education.

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  • Location

    43.54°N, 96.73°W

    Intersection of I-90 and I-29

  • Population


    Biggest city in the state

Healthcare Systems




Family Fun

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  • Unemployment Rate
    • 2.7%
  • Job Growth
    • Recent Job Growth 1.7%
    • Future (10 yrs) Job Growth 36.6%
  • Tax Rates
    • Sales Tax Rate is 6.5%
    • Income Tax Rate is 0.0%
  • Income
    • Average single income is $28,120/yr


  • $289,000 Median Home Listing Price
  • $1,200 Median Rental Price