Matthew Malecha

Matthew Malecha, MD

  • Class of 2021
Matthew Malecha
  • Post-Residency

    Psychiatrist - New Ulm Medical Center New Ulm, MN
  • Medical School

    University of Minnesota Minneapolis, MN
  • Undergraduate School

    University of Minnesota Duluth Duluth, MN
  • Hometown

    Isanti, MN
  • I wasn't a doctor, I'd be...

    an Accountant, a race-car driver, or a teacher.

  • My interests/hobbies outside of medicine are...

    family/kids, running, biking, podcasts, car enthusiast, and movies.

  • On the weekends...

    With smaller children we travel less, but do visit family in nearby areas such as Minneapolis suburbs and Wisconsin. We have been meaning to take a weekend trip to Omaha to check out the zoo as well!

  • My favorite thing to do in Sioux Falls is...

    Visiting parks and playing with the kids.

  • The thing that surprised me most about Sioux Falls is...

    I would describe 99% of people as neighborly with a strong sense of community. We feel very comfortable here.

  • My favorite place in Sioux Falls to get a meal or grab a drink is...

    Minervas or Morrie’s Steakhouse for fine dining, Ode to Food and Drinks, a number of authentic Mexican venues, though I’m still searching for the best pizza in town.

  • I chose this program...

    because of the very warm welcome that I received from (future) fellow residents was incredibly memorable. I recall having known relatively little about South Dakota or the residency program at USD. However, after seeing the nice facilities mental health cares are offered in, enjoying the interview process with select staff and our PD, as well as several conversations that I had with senior residents throughout the interviewing process I determined that USD-SSOM Psychiatry program was the best fit for me and my family.

  • What do you get/benefit from by choosing this program over another, similar program?

    In terms of training, I enjoy the flexibility, autonomy, and diverse set of experiences offered here. It was also readily apparent that more senior residents are well-prepared to begin moonlighting in outside facilities and begin practicing in the surrounding community straight away. I also feel that the friendliness of co-workers, and people in Sioux Falls in general, allowed us to quickly get comfortable with life in South Dakota. Cost of living, no traffic, and a good selection of entertainment, restaurants, breweries, and things to do in the context of a city with a “small town feel” also helped us make the decision.

  • The thing that has surprised me about the program is...

    I am amazed with how fast time in PGY 1-3 went. I can remember applying like it was yesterday.

  • What's the best perk of this program?

    Autonomy with respect to patient care, free parking/food, sense of community with other residents.

  • What do you know now that you wish you did prior to matching with the Psychiatry program?

    The vast number of different practices and lifestyles that are made possible with a background in psychiatry. The more you know, the more you can tailor your experiences to facilitate building a solid foundation for your future practice.

  • What is one thing you want a prospective resident to know?

    While residency (regardless of location) will bring with it good times and bad, you will always have the sincere support of the Program Director and those around should you choose this program.