The University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine is dedicated to supporting our physician residents and fellows during their time with us. With that, we are proud to offer a competitive salary and benefit package.

Stipends for 2024-2025 Academic Year

Residents/fellows new to SSOM GME also receive a $1,000 orientation stipend.

  • PGY-1 $63,000
  • PGY-2 $64,500
  • PGY-3 $66,500
  • PGY-4 $70,000
  • PGY-5 $73,000
  • PGY-6 $75,000
  • PGY-7 $78,000


Resident and fellow well-being is a top priority, so USD offers attractive insurance plans.

Health Insurance

Residents/fellows may choose from the following health insurance plans:

  1. $1000 Single/$3,000 Family Deductible (premium paid in full by school)
  2. Optional – $500 Single/$1,500 Family Deductible (residents pays difference between $1,500 and $500 premium)

Vision Insurance

School pays total premium (single and family).

Life Insurance

School pays total premium.

Dental Insurance

School pays single premium. If family coverage is elected, the resident/fellow pays the difference of about $27 per pay period.

Disability Insurance

School pays total premium.

Professional Liability

School pays premiums.