Welcome to the Geriatrics Program

From the Program Director

As Program Director, I welcome you to the University of South Dakota Geriatric Fellowship, where we pride ourselves in mentoring fellows with a tailored, one-on-one education that meets your needs. I have been with the USD Geriatric fellowship since we were accredited in 2010. Fellows rotate with me where I practice at the Sioux Falls VA hospital in the outpatient Geriatric Evaluation clinic and the nursing home.

The USD Geriatric Fellowship is small and innovative, striving to provide the best possible education on an individual basis to fellows in this changing climate in medical education.  We implemented virtual interviews in 2018, well before the COVID pandemic shut down travel.  Our part-time geriatric fellowship was one of the first of its kind, graduating our first part-time fellow in 2016. Of our 13 four-week rotations, we offer one as an elective. With two large health care organizations, a Veterans Administration hospital, and numerous Skilled Nursing Facilities as partners, the options are quite varied. We believe that physicians should be part of a larger community of geriatricians, so we send our fellows to the annual meetings of the American Geriatric Society and The Society for Long Term and Post-acute Care.

We miss the days of face-to-face interviews, where you can see the friendly and state-of-the-art medical community in South Dakota, which was rated by MedScape as the third best state to practice medicine!  However, The MATCH has asked that all interviews be virtual.  We look forward to meeting you and working together to help you become an amazing Geriatrician.

G. Daniel Rath, M.D.
Program Director